Jade Vine

Spotted at Maya Ubud in Bali, the jade vine.  Draped over a tree as tall as 3 stories high, and mild, cool crisp temperature, this jade vine is flourishing with at least sightings of 8 bouquets.   The claw like flowers are a translucent turqoise green and does remind one of the precious jade ear-rings our grand-ma used to wear.

I was especially thrilled, not having seen one close up before, although I’ve bought a mini plant from hortpark, not expecting to see it flower.  Jade vines, I’m told, are heavy climbers.   Last year at WorldFarm, I was told that it would be featured at the Garden Festival.  Someone had bought all the jade vine specimens at Worldfarm.  To my great disappointment, it was nowhere to be seen, no one knows what happened, and the same Worldfam salesman forgot about his comment.  I must have heard wrongly. I presume you can still get it there this year, since the Garden Festival is not until 2012.   But it may not thrive as well in Singapore weather, as it needs a cool temperature of about 20 degrees celcius and a huge structure to do well.

I am now rewarded with something I can touch and feel, the tree which this vine has conveniently twined itself around, is beside a flight of stairs, and there were blooms even at the bottom of the stairs.  There’s a photo of me beside the flowers on my facebook.

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