Mango Pudding

40g Gelatine powder
100ml Water
100g Sugar

300ml Fresh Topping cream
200ml Full cream milk
500ml Mango puree (from Phoon Huat)
Mix (B) together in a large cup and set aside

100g Crushed ice or ice cubes

1-2 pcs Fresh Mango – cut cubes (optional)

Adapted from Ancoco’s recipe


  • Pour (A) in a large pot. Using hand whisk, stir till liquid bubbles and sugar dissolved, off heat to cool.
  • Pour (B) mango mixture to (A), stir and pass through a sift to prevent lumps from gelatine.
  • Add in (C), stir with hand whisk till ice melts.
  • Pour mango liquid into cups or molds and add in fresh mango cubes.
  • Put in refrigerator to set.

#mango pudding

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