Vietnamese Springroll

Finally, a way to convince my husband that the Thai Basil and Mint Herb that he has banished to the pots can stay.

Delicious Vietnamese Springroll – the stars of the show: Absolutely the Thai Basil and Mint!!


For Youtube recipe, click on the link below. He has a personal sense of humor, but I find his recipe most authentic. More importantly, his video includes a segment on how to make dip.

Lots of thai basil and mint leaves, vermicelli, Vietnamese paper rounds, fish sauce, prawns, minced chicken marinated in thai green curry, peanuts.

In Singapore, you can now buy Vietnamese paper round skins in almost every major supermarket. I went to a chinese emporium in Chinatown, only to find them at NTUC Fairprice in Bukit Merah and Giant. My advice is to get the bigger skin as you’ve more surface to wrap and play with. I thought I’ve experience folding popiah envelopes. Although folding the translucent Vietnamese paper skin is easier, since it sticks like glue, skin becomes rubbery and doesnt stick.

Use hot water to wet the rounds. Wet it as you use it, and not in advance, otherwise it doesnt become sticky.

You can substitute a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, chives, spring onion, bean sprouts, butter lettuce, enoki mushrooms etc. Mango, avocado, roasted green/red peppers. I like a crunchy taste, so I added minced peanuts as well.

For meat stuffing, instead of prawns, I fried minced chicken marinated with thai green curry. You can substitute with almost any kind of meat products like pork, beef or lamb. After Christmas, leftover turkey stuffings can be used too.

My mom advised me to boil the vermicelli, rather than leave it in hot water for 5 mins as most recipes recommend. I agree with her. Dried vermicelli has a smell, which I dont like, and I soak it in hot water for 10 mins to get rid of the smell, then I boil it with fresh water. Her reasoning is that your stomach cannot digest uncooked vermicelli. Old mother’s tale, but I choose to believe her, and I certainly prefer the taste of soft vermicelli.


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