Wish list of plants


 we're now into collecting red gingers.  does anyone know where to get cute orange button ones like this? we saw this at the hort park but the nurseries in singapore are not carrying any of these plants. perhaps we should make a trip to bangkok to Chat Tu Chat weekend market. I'd like to get the jade plant too. A trip to Worldfarm early 2010, raised false hopes that I'd see it at the Singapore Garden Festival.  They were going to sell it for $80 a small plant.  Probably it didnt root well.   IMG_0365[1]

Ideas for roof-top gardens

IMG_0360[1] Finally a water feature design which both L and I can agree on.  Our roof-top garden gets much sun and this design at the hort park is both economical on space as well as uses local plants readily available.  The plants seem to be thriving under the heat with some shade plants by the side and a hanging basket of portulacas.