Spanish food, La Cala @ DUO

Recently we were invited to La Cala by good friends and treated to a sensational tapestry of colours and taste.


I love these olives.

Coca de recapte
puff pastry with caramelized onion zucchini and achoves de l’escala

Anchovies on zucchini with caramelised onion spread on puffs.

Jamón Ibérico “de Bellota”
Ibérico ham on the bread with tomato


Shrimp cappacio with pretty flowers like a garden.
Carabinero Prawn Carpaccio whit ceps
Carabinero olive oil and mushroom ceps


Quail paella


annelloni, a traditional cylinder pasta stuffed with shredded beef and pork, doused with truffle cream.” (Source: rerg below). I love this dish and didnt think the meat was dry.


Look at the fresh rosemary sprigs with green stems. I asked for fresh ones to bring home to propagate. Unfortunately no one took me seriously.

Crispy thin skin and moist meat. I am not a pork fan, especially those that have a strong taste.

The chef with his creation, cutting the piglet with 2 plates.

Melon braised with beetroot and crushed garlic to clean your pallette.

Lemon and cavap
Very good dessert, a bit of alcohol with crushed ice.

Absolutely delicious food, pricey. The service staff were attentive but they are not trained to explain the dishes, unless asked. Even then, they just rattled off the names.

I later found this website review with some names of the food as I didnt get to see the menu.

La Cala
Duo Galleria, 7 Fraser Street, #01-40/43 Singapore 189356
tel: +65 6282 9200
11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, closed Sun
Getting there: Bugis Station

Mee Sua with red rice wine

Mee sua
Kampong chicken 1 pc
Ginger shredded 70g
*Red wine residue 红糟 100g
Red rice wine 300g
Sesame oil 30g
Water 1500g

* Recipe for red wine residue

Red rice wine 红糟米酒
Chicken powder
Corn flour

1. Chop kampong chicken to pieces. Wash and dry, marinade for 30 min
2. Heat work, fry shredded ginger, add sesame oil. Add wine residue. Add marinated chicken to fry till 80% cooked. Use fork to test.
3. Add water. Add red rice wine and seasoning to taste.
4. Continue simmering for 15 mins.
5. Boil Mee Sua in boiling water separately. Toss in sesame oil. Serve with red wine chicken and a sprig of coriander.



Red Chinese wine without grapes

Western wine is made from grapes or fruits. Chinese/Asian/ Japanese wine like sake is made from rice.


Red Yeast Wine

糯米 Glutinous rice Songhe 1000g
红曲 Red yeast 150g
酒曲 Yeast Cake 60g (1 piece)
清水 Filtered water 1200g

1. Was glutinuous rice, soak in 720g water for 1-2hrs. Steam in rice cooker for 30-40 mins.
2. Spread cooked rice on a tray to cool. Mix 600g cool boiled/ filtered water.
3. Pound yeast cake into powder.
4. Sprinkle powder on to red yeast
5. Layer red yeast powder with glutinous rice in jar. ( Some bloggers suggest to mix together using fingers)
6. Cover jar and seal with plastic bag. Cover with black plastic bag and put in paper carton.
7. After a day. Open the cover for 5 mins to air. Cover jar.
8. After one week, spoon liquid in bottom of jar to wet the top of mixture.
9. Harvest after 21 days (bloggers suggestion) or 90 days (Mr Teo).
10. Separate residue from wine using drip method with unused coffee sock. Do not squeeze with fingers to hasten the process.
11. Keep red wine residue and wine separately in fridge.


This is a foochow dish I learnt last night. Since I was late, the teacher explained the process to me. I decided to google the internet to find out how others have cooked it. First time I tried this wine. The red wine which Mr Teo made from home was really delicious.

Recipe for red yeast wine chicken

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