More popular than hibiscus, more striking are cycads in Okinawa.


Why do the Japanese love it so much?

Emperor Akihito planted a pair of King sago palms at the Japanese garden in Jurong when he visited Singapore as Crown Prince in 1970. They represent our friendship strong and steadfast. He said.


Cycads use pollen in reproduction which can explain how prolific they are in Daisekirinzan 大石林.

Cycad revoluta is native to Okinawa. Used as part of a garden landscape. Be careful that the leaves are toxic and sharp. But surprisingly sago is made from King Sago palm. Wikipedia has a short writeup on a hypothesis that some bacteria found in the roots make their way into the human body and cause of some neurological disease. Although no evidence is cited, I am steering clear of sago flour.




In Singapore, cycad are prone to be eaten by the cycad blue butterfly, indigenous to Australia. It doesnt seem to be a nuisance in Okinawa. Wisdom here on controlling what flora and fauna you allow into the country.

Cycad fossils date back to 280 million years ago and commonly thought to be around when dinosaurs roam the earth.

A very good writeup if you are considering cycad for your garden. Also known as King Sago Palm.


Grown as a bonsai

Propagating a cycad:

Okinawa flora

Okinawa flora is subtropical. Because land is abundant outside of the main city, most people grow tropical plants in their front porch.


Callicarpa Japonica Var Luxurians, bloom in Oct to Dec. Seen at the Daisekirinzan stone park 大石林.



Japanese Silver Leaf seen at Shuri castle and almost everywhere.


Gebashi Mangrove in Higashi. It is opposite the eating place where we have our dinner.


Cycad at Shuri castle.


Cycad at Daisekirinzan 大石林


Banyan tree at Daisekirinzan 大石林




Pineapple, sugar cane and bittergourd patches almost everywhere in the north. Its a farming community with small plots.

Walk in the Park: Chinese Garden at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay South will officially open on 29 June 2012!! Can’t wait.  L will surely dare me to walk on the sky bridge.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Chinese Garden at GB!


Future generations enjoy the shade of trees planted by earlier generations


Ten years to grow a tree, hundred years to grow a character

Tribute to the Chinese staple: Padi field and Buffalo

Longest bridge in the world?

Ubiquitous Rock Garden - looks like the Chang-er rabbit in the moon?

Spot the owl

Dracena Draco - Dragon Tree and cycad

Buddha under the Bodhi Tree - not sure if it was actually under the Indian Garden collection