More pot gardens for small spaces

Some ideas from the Singapore Garden Festival 2016 for your small spaces.


The garden palette by designer Ann Teo. Dig the glass bees and dragon flies. How witty. Each pot contains different types of plants including a lotus garden and even canna like a miniature pond.


Assemble them together.


If outdoor gardens are not your thing, have a terrarium.


DIY or engage someone to fix it for you.


Terrariums are fuss free and an eco-system unto itself. 


Or plant vegetables and herb garden with these red, blue, green LED lighting systems by Plantui garden systems.

Or get some seeds and DIY.


Or grow fruit trees and lime shrubs in a pot trained over a fence – Espalier style. Does it look cruel torturing the plants.  Initially I didn’t think so.

Isn’t it like our minds training it to think a certain way, seeing the world through particular world views.

Rose shrubs or bougainvillea trained around a shape like a pagoda in medieval paintings ? Ok, no espalier for me.


If pot garden is your thing


If pot gardening is your thing, grow your plants in tea cups


And saucers


Broken pots


Or Chinese fairy gardens with airplants


Or light bulbs


And jars

Or old tree stumps

Where: #Singapore Garden Festival#
Getting there: Bayfront station, Circle Line

If you’re hungry, hunt for the Marketplace Tentage. 35 hawkers under one roof. Buy a cash card for $10 and top up as you go.

Chill out to 3 performances in the evening.

Singapore Garden Festival 2010


I’m so pleased to spend 1hr of the set-up of the Singapore Garden Festival and the hardwork put in by the staff.   They’ve to stay over-nite during the run-up.  Man who planted trees, the icon for the Singapore Garden Festival.

This year’s SGF was special to me because I’ve now my own garden and came with a mind to get inspiration. I must have visited about 5 days.  When it comes around in 2012, I’ll get the week pass.  I’m also thinking of volunteering myself for the set-up, and learn a few tips from the experts, especially on using filler plants to lush out the displays.




Award winning fantasy landscape design by Damian Tang inspired by this year’s blockbuster Avatar.   I like the lush forest feel which appreciates the weather conditions and pays tribute to the rich tropical plant heritage of Southeast asia. Although not something we can maintain in our gardens.  

IMG_0189 Show stealer at this year’s SGF were the landscaping along the corridor/ walkways of the exhibition centre.  Here, taking the escalator down from the 6th floor landscaping section to the community gardens, we see a breathtaking view of golden dendrobiums like stepping into a Shangrila and different world.



 For the space- hungry and time conscious individuals, another vertical display suggestion with bromeliads.  I’m sceptical because bromeliads are not easy to upkeep.   Maybe it’ll work as a houseplant since they like shade.






One of my favourite community in bloom displays. Clever use of sedum as ground cover. Therapeutic feel.  This picture doesnt do it justice.  IMG_0230


Water feature for the space hungry.






Best part is that all these plants are in pots and can be moved around for inspirational change of scenery.