More pot gardens for small spaces

Some ideas from the Singapore Garden Festival 2016 for your small spaces.


The garden palette by designer Ann Teo. Dig the glass bees and dragon flies. How witty. Each pot contains different types of plants including a lotus garden and even canna like a miniature pond.


Assemble them together.


If outdoor gardens are not your thing, have a terrarium.


DIY or engage someone to fix it for you.


Terrariums are fuss free and an eco-system unto itself. 


Or plant vegetables and herb garden with these red, blue, green LED lighting systems by Plantui garden systems.

Or get some seeds and DIY.


Or grow fruit trees and lime shrubs in a pot trained over a fence – Espalier style. Does it look cruel torturing the plants.  Initially I didn’t think so.

Isn’t it like our minds training it to think a certain way, seeing the world through particular world views.

Rose shrubs or bougainvillea trained around a shape like a pagoda in medieval paintings ? Ok, no espalier for me.


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