Blanc Wall


If you’ve $800,000 to spend, how about beautifying your blank wall with a Patrick Blanc?  Christened “Rainforest Rhapsody”, it certainly is a masterpiece on 6 Battery Road.  The composition of the work, and plants chosen, is appropriately accessible, no different from the landscape types you see on the streets in Singapore.

I’ve always enjoyed Blanc’s work, namely the wall outside Quai Bramly in Paris, beside the Museum of African Asian Arts. I’m surprised that even though its so accessible to the name on the streets, you can touch the plants on the vertical wall, and pull the plants off, if you care.  Yet, the few times I’ve been there, the plants on the vertical wall look intact.

Try doing this in Singapore.  You’ll have a bare wall in no time.  Its no surprise then, that Capitaland has chosen this work of art to be ceiling high, above a little cozy cafe, beyond the reach of any ill-intentioned hands.  Somehow the natives of Raffles Place seem blase with the wall.  Not aware of its exact location on my first visit, I had asked the tellers and receptionist at Standard Chartered Bank next door about this vertical wall of garden plants, only to get blanc stares. :-))

I heard that HDB is sponsoring a vertical wall display at Hort Park, and can’t wait to see it.   Only issue why I’m not implementing a vertical wall yet on my garden is $$$$.  If HDB is sponsoring something, I’m sure the irrigation system will be something functional and affordable.  Can’t wait to see it!!!


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