Flowers in your dish

IMG_0089 Not since the image of Joan Chen’s Empress eating the petals of an orchid – which I was told is poisonous – in the movie “The Last Emperor” have I attempted eating any flowers off my container garden.

Recently, a friend sent a photo of a salad he had, in Europe.   Appetising, colourful, and delicious (he assured me), I’m surprised to see the purple/ orange Tricolor Viola in the composition.

Our longtime friend Jereme Leung was recently a guest chef at the 2010 Singapore Garden Festival. I regretted not being at the dinner, since I’m such a fan of Jereme’s artistic creations, and even more so, when L told me that Jereme included flowers in his dishes.   We didnt have pictures to show for it… Sigh…

Anyways, at a luncheon in Fifty Three, guess what, I had my dream come true.  Fifty-three is a moleculargastromic restaurant on Fifty-three Armenian Street.  I was surprised that each dish included little flowers/ veg (?). You’ll have to take my word for it, since they’re too small to be seen in the photos. 🙂












Scallop, light, crunchy and refreshing.








Squid With orange gummy drops 🙂


IMG_0448 Stewed beef cheeks. See the white flower.






Roasted Pineapple crumble with black pepper.  A sensory saltish/ sweet ensemble with ice- cream.







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