Daikanyama T-site


My favourite find this trip was to Daikanyama T-site. It took us a while to find. Take a metro to Daikanyama station. Once you exit the station , keep to your right. At some point when you see Tenoha, cross the street and keep left. Apparently you can get there through Shibuya.

Take a screenshot of the location and ask a young person how to get there. Young, preppy and yuppy.


Maybe it’s the trees, there’s a calm, university town feel in the air.

Hanging out in Tokyo makes us happy. Something about the ambience. Maybe it’s that feeling of being not part of the daily grind and yet fitting in.


We went to Tsutaya bookstore and had drinks and gratin at Anjin on the second level. It’s so cool- chill out to lounge music. The staff are attentive yet they know when to leave you alone.


The gratin was warm and delicious.


We met Pepper the robot on second floor of the bookstore. How cool is that?  I watched  an interview with her creator on TV a month prior and here she was. Innocence in white. On the left is Starbucks which is filled on a Monday 4pm.



Cross the road and turn left when you see Tenoha. Alternatively, just sit and have coffee in the Mediterranean style courtyard with olive and lemon trees.


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