How to create a Balinese style garden – for apartments Part 2

C is so proud that moss has begun to grow on her little stone sculpture. All Balinese gardens must have moss, and flowing water – which sounds therapeutic. They have a Bose surround system for added effects.  But no waterlily. Good use of the trough which comes with all the new apartments.  With a small apartment and a small pond, simply reduce all decorations and plants – including goldfish to size.

Double up the space of the fangipani by hanging orchids, spanish moss and even stuffing pots with bromeliads and other pandus type plants with a lush vegetation look.

Kopi tiam coffee table for C's morning indulgence

Good use of the Bathroom ledge

T & C counted 100 over plants in their apartment.  The photos are intentionally kept dim to protect their privacy.

Starting the next phase of their life together.

T’s shopaholic tendencies vindicated by his wife’s creative styling. Putting to good use many of the barang barang he has acquired.  T has also ingeniously bought a chinese medicine pot for $3.50 in Chinatown and used it as a flower pot. He’s right!  Why buy a generic plastic saucer for $1 when the porcelain ones cost just as much and look more chic?

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