Must buy at the World Orchid Conference

Subjective.   But my must-buy at the WOC is the Singapore Post First Day Cover.  Date of issue – 12 November 2011. Usually, you can’t buy the First Day Covers except on the actual day.

For friends from out of town, what is the best way to share your experience and to tell them you’re thinking of them ? Or “Love to send you orchids from WOC for Christmas – but figured the stamps will do instead. :-)”

It also features the Vanda Ms Joaqium, Renanthera 20th WOC Singapore 2011 – official flower of the WOC, Dendrobium World Peace, Oncidium Goldiana (Golden Shower) and the Grammatophyllum speciosum (Tiger Lily).

Must buy for Chinese New Year 2012 – Renanthera 20th WOC Singapore 2011. I saw a floral arrangement at the entrance of the gala dinner, and the first thought in my mind – Christmas (instead of poinsetta), CNY for the red and it looks long lasting.

We’re going to buy a Tiger Lily after the flower show, having seen a few at the nurseries in Singapore. Its the largest orchid in the world with sprays of flowers two metres or more in length. The nursery shown on my blog yesterday, has many of different sizes.

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