Popiah party


Shredded radish stirfry with pork and prawn. But minus these items if you want it kosher.


Condiments. Chili – red, garlic- yellow and black is caramel made of dark sugar, XO brandy and flour.


With tea-lights to keep it warm.


Hard-oiled eggs, prawns, bean sprouts, all kinds of herbs available, usually we use cilantro and parsley. The Vietnamese use mint.


Wrap into a roll. A perfectionist is able to show all ingredients when cut cross section like a sushi roll. So healthy.


Here is the ultimate. Homemade popiah skin, book-marked with strips of pandan as guests may otherwise unwittingly wrap with 2 skins imstead of one.

Don’t you think its so clever?  Pandan strip smells heavenly. Homemade skin is so springy and doesnt tear. But if you prefer to buy, there are several outlets selling fresh ones in Queenstown, Chinatown and Rochor. I personally prefer the ones at Queenstown and Chinatown.

Queenstown Popiah Skin
02-99 Commonwealth Crescent
Singapore 140116
Closed on Mondays

(Ann) Chinatown complex
35 Smith St, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335 Unit No: #02-112
Opening Hours: 8.30am to 8pm 

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