15 Days of Feasting- Char Restaurant


Our friend PT decided to host a get together as TW just returned for mid term from Shanghai. Not to forget its CNY!

PT introduced us to this restaurant all the way in Jalan Besar. Surprisingly on a Monday, its rest day. I later found out from other bloggers that Char is closed on Mondays. No wonder there were few diners and it was easy to get parking outside on the main road.

The shophouse has another floor which will be opened to patrons if full.


The Premium Slow-Roasted Char Siew, (S$23 per portion 300g / Limited portions a day / dinner only) which uses Kurobuta Pork Belly. More tender, than the signature Char Siew, with more marbling and distinct smoky flavours from hot charcoal fire and sweet lychee wood. Recommended to pre-order.


Soya sauce chicken. $38 for full and $22 for half. Its very good and moist, using flavourful kampong chicken poached “gently for hours”. How does it compare with the Michelin starred hawker soya sauce chicken in Chinatown? For one, you dont have to queue. Taste of Chinese herbs is subtle.


Fabulous cracking roast pork belly.

They have lots of other Zi Char 煮炒 dishes. Char is Hokkien dialect for fry. But PT ordered 3 plates of char siew plus chicken and roast pork, we absolutely have no space for more.

Not forgetting the Lo Hei CNY dish.

Craft beer is available too.

Tribute to the stars.

Highly recommended and I will return.

363 Jalan Besar, 208994
6842 7759

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