Staycation – nail spa

Another Staycation. This time I’m getting my nails done at Belle Lady at Orchard Gateway. Perhaps its their way of getting staff trained. Its a reasonable price at Groupon and many other nail spas offer the gelish manicure or pedicure.

Belle Lady is opposite the Library at Orchard. I borrowed a book on productivity to read while doing my nails.



My own foot bath.





My nails really take a beating and need some pampering. I will return for a soak off. She asked me to do a $20 add on callus removal. Oh well. Why not.


Cross over the underpass, pass by Lady M Millecrepe, Tokyu Hands for Japanese shopping experience to Centrepoint for Chicken Up, Korean soya sauce Chicken wings.

And next door to Honolulu Cafe for Hong Kong egg tarts. There’s a 5pm-8pm offer. Buy 2 get 1 free. Snack time. Yumms. I almost forgot I am in Singapore. Taking the bus home.



After I came home and found out that most bloggers wrote about the Honolulu Egg Tarts ($1.70 each) being sold out by 1pm. It “is probably the flakiest egg tart you will ever come across in Singapore. Made by freezing the dough overnight to fold 192 layers, the egg tart is exceedingly crispy and is pleasing to your taste buds.”

I really liked the tarts. Why was I charged $4.05 for 2 tarts? GST? I didnt like the pastry but the filling was so creamy with a special fragrance. Eaten fresh and warm, its truly the best egg tart in Singapore.

I didnt have to queue at 6pm. Or rather, there was only 1 person ahead of me. I will likely return.

Fresh from oven. These are oven times. Centrepoint is quite empty during weekdays. Although the streets are full of pedestrains. So do enjoy yourself.

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