Shop decor and gardening

Succulents are the rage in recent years and they are easier to manage than vertical greenery.

In Rotorua, near Te Puia, we came across an exciting Food Streat, in an otherwise unexciting shopping area.

Instead of eating at the Te Puia, we drove 5 mins back to the city centre. Although along the way you can spot a Carl’s Junior burger joint, McDonald’s and some Chinese and sushi restaurants.


Eat Streat in the City Centre has Italian, Thai, Indian, British pub food which opens till past lunch time. The Italian was closed by 2pm.

Here we are at CBK, which has a grill, surf n turf, including hand scooped ice cream milkshakes.



But the greenery at Atticus Finch next door caught my eye. Natural and needing little maintenance. You can mix with sedum and even Indian borage.


Hung below the signage to draw attention.

Encheaveria need trimming and propagating when they become too straggly.

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