Hanami? Shall we view the blossoms together?


At the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Go early in the morning. There are very few people. I spot some tourists.


Only the Japanese can think of this. Growing the cherry blossom upside down.


Cherry blossoms are known as Sakura in Japan. When I was in university some thirty years ago, I went to Nagoya on a school trip and was very fortunate to catch an unexpected  late bloomer in April/ May. It’s really beautiful especially the canopy of feathery soft pink.

There’s mixed feelings of being lucky, joyful and reminder that joy and life is transient.


Even in Japan, you will not see the groupings of many cherry blossoms under one glass roof. Even in Japan, not all the trees flower on the same day.

Some of the trees are flown in from Europe, Germany. Flowers are double petalled, which look more voluminous.

It’s very cold in there, temperature has to drop to ensure the blossoms open.


Transported into a different world.


This was from last year’s show and the Gardens managed to get it to bloom again. Talk about recycling. Ummm. Renewal and rebirth. :-))




The wings are made from the roots of the lychee tree.



There’s a dinasaur display for children.

I walked to Bayfront MRT station and transfered train at Chinatown where I had breakfast.

Otherwise if I’d company, breakfast at Marina Bay Sands will be a nice morning outing before going to work in the afternoon. Do your own hanami, or hana- flower, viewing with your friends and have breakfast.  Who said having fun must only be on weekends?

If you want to make your day count. 

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