Day 9-11 Lake Taupo and Huka Falls

At Taupo we were in the great outdoors revolving around the lake: walks, cycling and trying our hand fishing for trout.

Rainbow Trout is not native to New Zealand. It was introduced from the Americas in the 1880s. I’m looking for steamed salmon, Chinese style. Something I missed when I was last in New Zealand in 1999.

“Rainbow trout is not native to NZ but part of an acclimatisation programme introduced in 1887 of brown trout from England and 1898 of rainbow trout from California.

Trout is spawned in the Trout Centre and released into the wild 12-18 months after hatching as fingerings. Taupo Fishery has been wild and self sustaining since 1905.” Not to be mistaken for wild since beginning of time.

On a wet afternoon, we rented a boat and went trout fishing. You need a Trout license but no worries, the shop will get everything for you. We’re quite pleased with the service here.

Our boat

Our lunch of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Finger lickinh good that we packed along the way because we’re rushing for time.



We had a skipper who fixed everything including fixing that we caught 3 trouts.


Our dinner.

Baked fish


Can you see the Tui bird with shimmery blue feathers perched on the flax plant?

Across the lake. We also bought some vitamins at the pharmacy across the road. We went at non-peak season so we decided most of the bookings on the spot or the day before. In case we changed our mind or can’t wake up or weather change. Very ad-hoc. Only accommodation is confirmed.


Rented our bikes with safety helmets from “Pack and Pedal” at the town centre by Lake Taupo. There are souvenir shops around. We were told by the bike shop assistant that Lake Taupo was the size of Singapore. At least that’s what his geography teacher said. Yay. Singapore is famous!

We cycled for 2hrs across the beautiful view. After 1 hr we only reached 2 miles of 5 mile cycle. Rental is $30 per adult for 2hrs.

You see black swans, ducks and little birds, people strolling. Get a bag from McDonald’s or KFC or even Burger King and sit by the lake. As far as your eye can reach, that’s how magnificent the lake is.


Hot and cold springs.

Pack & Pedal
5 Tamamutu St, Taupo 3377, New Zealand
+64 7-377 4343

16 Tui Street, Taupo

Loved the kitchen in this house with L-shaped table. Children can eat their breakfast while you prepare stuff for breakfast. Lovely garden and rosemary bush.

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