Day 7 Rotorua Government Gardens and Rotorua Museum



The government gardens is a public park with bowling lawns and flowers.

Cast iron filigree band rotunda built in 1900s during Victorian era.


There’s a Tudor style Rotorua Museum and Blue Spa reminiscent of the early days when Rotorua was a destination for Europeans to cure their illness in public baths.


The Bath house was built in the 1880s for Europeans seeking cures from the thermal pools. After the great Depression, the bath houses were converted to cabaret bars and today became the Rotorua Museum.

In the 1930s, the blue baths were one of the first in the world to offer mixed gender swimming and heated pools.

To create a English Victoria garden, topsoil was moved here in the 1930s to create a landscape of a grand scale with a formal lawn for croquet and bowling and informal intimate corners for a respite from the cares of life.

Scrub was removed, thousands of trees transplanted to create a Victoria style landscaping. We enjoy flowers so find this very pretty with rose bushes and sea gulls.


Spring flowers


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