NZ Day 6-8 Rotorua

On Day 6 we checked out of our Hamilton lodgings and drove to Rotorua. Arriving at the Rotorua lodging was a pleasant surprise. It was a bigger town with several fast food outlets.

Redwoods Tree Walk
Long Mile Rd, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Absorb the greenery of talk trees and have a picnic if you may. There’s a 30 min walk, or 1.5hr walk. We did a 30 min walk and took many photos.

If we’re ever back again , will do a 3hr walk. There were times when we felt alone in the forest although occasionally we see a few ladies walking through. It gives the impression of being a safe place.

Next time I’ll grab a picnic with me. The tree top walk is $25 per adult. Feels quite short distance although enjoyable.


Photo taken by Emma and Chloe.

Our friends brought their children to see sheep shearing at the Agrodome (
141 Western Rd, 3010, New Zealand


We visit “Te Puia” to see the geyser and bumbling mud bath. This was at Hemo Rd, Tihiotonga, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand


Te Puia is a beautiful geothermal area with bubbling mud, pools of boiling water and stunning geysers. Bluish pool at Rotorua, Te Puia gets its blue color from the minerals dissolved in it. The water is highly alkaline and around 30-50 degrees Celsius.

It’s used as a bathing pool by residents of Te Whakarewarewa Village and still a favourite swimming place for the 60 current descendants of the original inhabitants. The small mounds on the north-west side of the lake are stumps of manuka trees.

Highlight was to see the eruption of the Pohutu geyser which erupted as high as 30m and erupts once or twice every hour. Initially we saw the eruption of the Prince of Wales Feathers which is an indicator geyser letting you know when Pohutu will next erupt.

Mud from thermally heated mud pools was used by the Maori to treat a variety of ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism and to cleanse skin.
Rotorua’s reputation as a spa town began in 1878 when an Irish priest with bad arthritis bathed there and declared himself cured and walked 65km home to Tauranga.


95 degrees Celsius. Also known as frog pool as the plopping mud sounds like leaping frogs.

I’ve come to expect that most New Zealand sites are very expensively priced. The tickets are $52 for the geyser experience and the kiwi centre and Maori village.


We didn’t get a guide. Is there one? You are paying for a walk through and viewing the geyser shoot up. The kiwi centre is badly maintained as there’s only one kiwi. Since kiwi is nocturnal, the lights are very dim and if the glass pane is not properly cleaned it’s quite difficult to see the bird.


Beautifully carved House of Learning where traditions and protocol is passed on.

Suggestion for eating places: Eat Streat

As for the Maori village, the signage was not well done and was a disappointment since I’m interested to know more about New Zealand flora and fauna and more about Maori culture.


I love the pretty gardens in all our home stays with rose bushes, rosemary and lemon trees.

3 Tete St, Westbrook, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

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