New Zealand Day 3 Hamilton Gardens

From Karagangahe we drove to Hamilton Gardens.

We were here in Spring, Nov 2016.


I’ve this thing for water lily ponds. Must paint Monet water lilies (kids style) to get it out of my system.


Excellent weather and we came here at 6pm. The park was still open. Entrance is free. We returned the next day in the morning. The children loved feeding the rabbits in the evening and the ducks and ducklings in the morning.


We had a little picnic. The gardens of the world was very well designed to give a history of the different types of gardens and their view of paradise, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, English, Italian Renaissance. They were so well landscaped with small surprises according to the philosophy of the gardens and distinguishing features.


But the lighting didn’t come out well so I didn’t include the photos. Probably done by the sister city exchange from the respective country.


We loved the kitchen garden which probably influenced us and now we’ve a herb patch. Sometimes you’re not sure how your subconscious works.


Coming from the Tropics, we were of course not impressed with the Victorian glasshouses with tropical plants. It is well maintained with a succulent section for cactus.


We were there a day before the Rose bowl competition and treated to hundreds of rose varieties all blooming and glorious.

Have a picnic here but keep an eye out for the weather if it rains or is too hot when the sun comes out. Weather changes by the hour. Lovely to hear birds chirping and water rustling.

Best of all, entrance is free.

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