New Zealand Day 3 Karangahake

Enroute to Hamilton Gardens, we drove past Karangahake Gold mining town and walked across a creek.

We had meant to do a cycling trip on the Harauki railway – Day Trip but woke up late.

When we arrived at the mining town, a group had borrowed all the children bikes. We later walked past this group of 8 children. When we were at the Gorge, we saw one young person who was struggling with his bicycle as the chains came off. Another was not a proficient cyclist and was struggling behind his group trying to keep up and cycle through a bridge. So not a trip for amateur cyclist.


The staff at the Town Information Centre who also ran the Bike Rental were very helpful and suggested we go for the Karangahake Mine historic walk.


If you’re passing through the area, the scenery is beautiful with the large wheels and river running through the gorge.


Grab a picnic if you need frequent rests. We took a 2 hr walk through the historic trail, and went back to Parareo for late lunch. Most of the eating places are open Wed-Sun.

Long dark walk through the tunnel. Can be chilly.


Best thing, the walk is free.

Unfortunately because we were here late, we could only grab a milkshake at the Courtyard Cafe.

Lovely ambience especially if you move inside the cafe. Lots of sun and looks as a courtyard. Really good milkshake (both salted caramel and vanilla)

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