Valentine’s Day

今天 2月14日情人節,因天冷玫瑰花凍壞,運輸不便,玫瑰花非常短缺,今年情人節一律改為送蔬菜,希各位互相轉告。 單身是香菜,戀愛是芹菜,分手是白菜,結婚是生菜,離婚是酸菜,再婚是剩菜,沒有情人是豆芽菜,情人多了是花菜,各位好配菜。祝情人節快樂!

A Taiwanese friend sent me this joke on Valentine’s Day. If you’re the creator of this joke, let me know so I can give you the credit.

Because of the weather changes in Taiwan and shortage of roses, we’re suggesting that you give out vegetables instead  on Valentine’s Day. It’s a play of words on types of vegetables for the unmarried, divorced and singles.


Indeed I received a bed of herbs for Valentine’s Day. From left, sage, parsley, Indian borage, oregano and more.

What did you get for Valentine’s Day?

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