Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year!
This is a Lo Hei Cheat Sheet someone sent me.

For the next 15 days of CNY, every dinner starts with a salad dish where guests will use chopsticks to toss shredded vegetables with fried crackers and slices of fish. Then we will say greetings in mandarin wishing luck to everyone using Chinese idioms. This dish was invented by a few restaurateurs in Singapore years ago. Today, it’s adopted by Chinese in China and Hong Kong!

(Not sure who first crafted this, but it’s circulating around WhatsApp.)

除夕🍚 ㊗您团聚香甜🍲
初一🌸 ㊗您喜庆新春🌸
初二💰 ㊗您福贵🈵 堂💰
初四🍊 ㊗您大吉大利🍊
初五💹 ㊗您🈵 载而归🎁
初六🌺 ㊗您春风🈵 面🐷
初七㊗🎂 您人日快乐🎂
初八㊗🌈 您福禄寿存⛲
初九㊗👴 您如意吉祥👼
初十㊗🚕 您万事亨通🚀
十一㊗🚢 您一帆风顺⛵
十二㊗🌃 您吉星高照🎆
十三㊗🏩 您合家和乐💏
十四㊗💪 您身心安
元宵㊗💏 您爱情甜蜜👫


My brother went to a  CNY office dinner where the salmon slices were arranged to look like a famous person. My mom thinks it’s David Marshall, the former Chief Minister of Singapore.

Who do you think it resembles?


Rooster cushions, ingenious triangles,  at my aunt’s place against her rosewood with mother of pearl chair.


Variegated pineapple, the plant of the season. In Hokkien, pineapple rhymes with welcoming prosperity.

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