Wrap and go


Americans have burgers, British have their sandwiches, Chinese have our springroll, whether fried or steamed.
This is the Southern Chinese popiah, we usually eat this at home when my mum has time to prepare it.

She buys the crepe skin fresh from the market. It’s still done by hand, smearing the water dough quickly on a flat pan and then removing it. Needs a lot of skill.  By two days it would harden out. Usually we cover it with a damp cloth.


The ingredients. Shredded carrots,  white  Radish with Chinese mushrooms and dried shrimps  (the latter are removed but usually for flavour) cooked in a pot over low flame for 20 mins until you’re satisfied with the texture. Season to taste with pepper and salt.

A lot of liquid is produced as the radish cooks, remove it. Then keep warm in a slow cooker.


Serve with sliced Chinese sausage, fried egg, cooked and sliced prawns and parsley Arrange.


Anything goes. Then dab on sweet black sauce and chilli as you like it. Roll and eat.

This is how my family does it. Everyone rolls their own. Use one and a half piece of skin if you’re not an expert.


If you find that too much work, the eatery Qi 奇 sells it.


I think the Vietnamese springroll was adapted from the Chinese version.


I like springrolls. This is the Vietnam version. The western herbs (including mint) are served on the outside, wrapping the springroll. You can include vermicelli to make a full meal instead of as a snack.

Wrap and Roll in Saigon city serve many variations of wrapped food. Quality differs from restaurant to restaurant. This is a chain which the locals patronise.


And the ban xeoh. With a springroll placed on side for size.

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