Magical “Christmas is here” feel at Gardens by the Bay


Luminarie lights at the Gardens By The Bay from 2 Dec to 5 Jan 2017.

Lights originated from the Kobe Luminarie, a light festival held in Kobe, Japan every December since 1995,  commemorating the Great Hanshin Earthquake. After the quake, the people lived in darkness as electricity, gas and water supplies were unavailable.

“The putting up of lights symbolised hope and recovery and continued even after normalcy returned due to its popularity.”   These dazzling lights can be found at  the Outdoor Gardens!


Near Meadow Green, where fun and games, even ice skating awaits.


Going down the ice slide. $4 per ride.


I brought my 7 year old niece who said that Gardens by the Bay is her favourite place in Singapore. And her favourite place in Gardens by the Bay? Currently it’s the sculptures outside the Flower dome. A piece of dead tree trunk sculpture with military strategist Zhu Ge Liang carved out of it. And one with giant ants crawling out.

When she spotted the OCBC skywalk, she said she wanted to try it. Well, another time. She has not spotted her favourite place inside the Gardens yet as there are more places to explore. She has not been to the Children’s garden. Come to think of it, I’ve yet to bring her to Jacob Bellas Children’s Garden as she was only 1 years old when I brought her older siblings.

Inside the flower dome, celebrating the theme of “Nutcracker”.


Nutcracker dolls in the form of a soldier, knight or king!

According to German folklore, they are believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.  Place a nut in the mouth of the nutcracker doll! Maybe easier to buy pre-shelled ones from the supermarket.

Wooden nutcracker dolls originated in the Ore Mountains (German: Erzgebirge) between Germany and Czech Republic (formerly part of the now dissolved Czechoslovakia), sometime during the late 17th century. This region was once a mining area with abundant gold, silver, tin and cobalt. As these resources dwindled, miners turned to wood-crafting as an alternative source of income! I wonder if these dolls came from Germany?

Lovely Christmasy red from the  poinsettia, Christmas rose and Holly to give you that cheer and the crisp air inside the flower dome.

Come and catch the Christmas rose which some historians attributed the death of Alexander the Great to an overdose of this plant.

Where: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Getting there:
Tickets apply but 25% discount if you buy tickets online with Visa credit card.
Enter promo code VISA to apply the discount.

Admission charges
2 – 8 Dec 2016 $4
9 – 15 Dec 2016 $6
16 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017 $8

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