What to eat in Hoi An

Bánh bao vac (white roses)
a type of shrimp dumpling made using two round sheets of rice paper. A bit like ravioli, really.

Viet.com Cafe
730 Hai Ba Trung
0510 3910 104


Stir fried Jasmine flowers.

Morning Glory
106 Nguyen Thai Hok
+84 0510 2241 555

Ban Xeoh

Grilled squid


Peeled fruits.

Springroll with lattice skin wrap and yam filling is my favourite. Chinese style spring rolls have white radish and carrot fillings. But in Hoi An, the black fungus, prawn and steamed yam filling with lattice wrap remains quintessentially Vietnamese.

And fish sauce. Smuggle two bottles back, tightly wrapped. The most expensive glass bottled and from the island of Phu Qoc. But make sure you plastic wrapped the bottles or you’ll stink up your suitcase.


45 Nguyen Phuc Chu
0510 3911 863

Bale Well Restaurant
45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street
Hoi An0510 3864 443

Hai Cafe Restaurant Bar & Grill
98 Nguyen Thai Hoc & 111 Tran Phu Street
0510 386 3210

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