Claypot cooking or Donabe

Recently we had a ladies collagen lunch at Bijin-nabe or 美人锅 in Chinese/Kanji. Apparently the rich blobs of chicken fat is very good for ladies’ complexion. Although I’m not sure about the waistline.

I first noticed the long queues outside Chinatown Point where they serve the Hot Pot only in the evening and minimum 2 pax to start.  I’m told that they now have servings for one pax.

My favourite location is at Liang Court basement where you don’t need to queue on a weekday.


Blobs of collagen pudding, cooked over 8hrs which melted into soup Base that’s rich and creamy. Apparently the collagen and the free range chicken are flown in from Kyushu, Japan.


Lots of organic vegetables from a local farm and later mochi noodles.


Beautiful colors of vegetables arranged around the pot. In total, it was S$35 per pax.

Was it delicious? Yes. Especially if it’s a cold rainy day. Will I return ? Probably not. But it’s a good idea to make a chicken stew pot for dinner.


Side orders of rice wrapped with bacon.




Verdict: Inspired to take out my crockpot (slowcooker) and put in one chicken before I leave for work. After a hard days work – hot pot of nourishing chicken soup for the soul.

Culture: every culture has their own version of claypot cooking. The Chinese influence has claypot in stew version as well as cooking rice/ porridge and meat. Covering the lid seals the juice of the meat and you use less oil which makes for healthy eating.

Where; Bijin-nabe
Address: Liang Court B1-03
Tel: 6837 0603

If you want to make your own donabe or hot pot recipes, check out this book.

Hot pot recipes:
Unfortunately because I’ve a induction stove, my claypots don’t work well. But if you’re in Singapore, check out Clay pots of various sizes from Chinatown Smith Street.

We later indulged and went to Dulcet studio for tea and sweet potato cake.  What an afternoon.


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