How to entertain kids on long car rides

Recently a young and cute little Japanese boy was missing for more than 5 days in the Hokkaido wilderness. It turned out that he was not lost as earlier reported but that his parents told him to get out of the car when he became quite a handful.

I can relate to those moments when my nephew and nieces start acting up and my mother could not handle them.

Young children act up when they’re cold, hungry, thirsty, sleepy or bored. Before going on road trips, be prepared with snacks, sweets, drinks and amusement. This applies to teenagers or travelling with other adults.

Riddles or charades

What is tall when young and becomes shorter when it grows old?
A: candle

Many more can be found on the Internet. With older children, give them the assignment of searching out riddles.

For older kids – guess these idioms
(Answers on the website and other downloadable materials.)

Interesting sites

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