Staycation – Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

I’m not a fan of any cartoon character but as a doting aunt, decided to bring my nieces and nephew to the Pompompurin cafe at Orchard Central. This is a wildly popular doggie character from Sanrio Japan.

Because of the headsup from reviewers, I decided that we should go for tea. So we went at 4pm and decided to recce the vicinity.

Orchard central is linked to Orchard Gateway and 313 Somerset. I set the expectations for a 3hr queue and checked out a few other alternatives in case the wait was too long. There’s a library on 3rd floor of Orchard Gateway and there’s always ToriQ in the basement. Check out the roof top garden at Orchard Central.

Surprisingly there were only 3 persons ahead of us, so this was a short queue. I let the kids entertain themselves taking photos. The wait is indeed longer than it appears. Especially for the food if you’re ordering rice.  The table next to us, who came later got drinks and pancakes earlier than our dishes.  It must take a while to assemble the plate.

So do bring activities and games to entertain your friends. I found the service very pleasant and there’s no minimum spend per pax. They also served us water.

The food?

If you are bringing kids who love spaghetti and cute animals, the taste is good. I’ve 3 very happy kids who enjoyed themselves.


Creamy salmon of purin taking a nap with omelette rice.


Spaghetti with cream sauce. You get to keep the little purin container. Sure it’s overpriced but quality wise it’s like Pasta Mania – pretty decent.


Bright and airy feel. Photo taking opportunity.  You don’t feel claustrophobic.


Cozy village feel.


Will I return next year? Sure. You see more adults than children. There are many young at heart in Singapore.

Pompompurin Cafe
Orchard Central, #04-38

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