Staycation – Ubin Day 2016

After my climb to Mt Kinabalu in May, we’ve no plans to travel. Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m enjoying Singapore!

On Saturday, I went to Pulau Ubin for Ubin Day which is a month long celebration with activities and ends next week. Catch a ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal. Each boat ride costs $3 for one way. No tickets, just pay the boat owner.

It was drizzling but nice and cool. I’d a raincoat and an umbrella. Do bring insect repellant, a bottle of water and some snacks if you’re with kids. Otherwise just buy at the Changi Village hawker centre next to the Ferry Terminal.

I enjoyed very much the kampong trail guided walk which I understand will be free every 3rd Saturday even after Ubin Day.
Check out:

I’ve been to the chek jawa conservation biodiversity tour 6 years ago. Do sign up for the limited spaces.

On the Kampung tour, you see fruit trees close up. Like this assam tamarind tree.

Have you seen such huge blue pea flowers – natural blue dye for staining rice.


Did you know banana flowers can be eaten? Like a salad.

Ginger flower for rojak. Smells so fragrant.



Even durian tree – golden leaves.

And golden papaya.

Our guide Evelyn telling us how she used to pump up the kerosene lamps before we had electricity. Nostalgia as many of us shared the same experience of a childhood in Singapore village life.
Bed before mattress. A family huddled on this hard thing.

We all had this refrigerator – where food is stored and little bowls filled with kerosene to prevent unwanted little intruders from getting to our food.

See you next weekend.

A day of sun, sea and fresh air. And memories.

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