Staycation in Singapore June 2016 – Treasures of the World

Usually I just rush to class without exploring the vicinity. End of 7hrs, I’m so tired that I just want to have my first meal of the day and head to the gym.

Today, I spontaneously decided to visit the Treasures of the World exhibition at the National Museum. These exhibits are from the British Museum. If you have an NTUC credit card, entrance is free. Otherwise it’s $15. I joined the 2.30pm guided tour and the exhibits came alive for me.


800,000 years old stone axe

800, 000 years old handaxe.

Watch out for the Eskimo’s snow knife made from a walrus’s task with paintings of a reindeer sleigh pulled by walrus.

A huge necklace of Polynesian pearl shells with chains of human hair. Next to it is an ornamental fishing hook.

A Congo vodoo item with nails stuck inside. My favourite are two metal plates from Benin with exquisite carvings.

I love the story about this Canadian wooden welcome statue. The way the hands are positioned is to welcome guests

Unlike most cultures where ornaments are solely accumulated to show off the owner’s ostentatious wealth, in this village, no guests is allowed to walk away empty handed. It reflects very badly on the village chief.


No serious exhibition by the British Museum is without the artefacts of the Egyptian mummies and the celebrations of the afterlife.

But I think the exhibition offers so much more. Do sign up for the guided tour at 11am and 2.30pm. Purchase the tickets and wait at the basement in front of the entrance to the exhibition. I’m certainly coming back again.


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