High Art in High Street (2)

While you’re at Raffles Place, take a walk and admire the building architecture such as the Ogilvy Centre.

Look down and Check out these art installations:

Living World Series by Ju Ming at CapitaGreen

No self respecting developer is without a Ju Ming. Beyond his Taichi series, this collection depicts city living.


Ladies with their H bag. Getting their priorities right. Shading themselves instead of their $XX,xxx bag.

Can you tell art from real?



This is not graffiti, just saying …


Did you drop something or just tying your shoelace?

Above Below Beneath Above by Olafur Eliasson at CapitaGreen


Clever use of pillars like aerial roots. There are magical purple glass balls hanging from the ceiling.

“TheMeeting” or La Rencontre by Etienne at CapitaGreen


Where shall we go for lunch? These days, the ladies are probably discussing which shares to buy and sell.

2×2 II by Antony Gormley at CapitaGreen

Crafted from Carrara marble, the twin sculptures explore the relation between the human body and space. Like me, when I’m spaced out – day dreaming.


Living art – arrangement at Artemis Grill on 40th floor.


Not rushing back to the office?
Have a coffee.

Hungry: Lunch at Lau Pa Sat hawker centre. Or indulge at Artemis Grill on 40th floor

Where: CapitaGreen
MRT station: Raffles Place Station, walk 5 mins
Culture Vulture: One stop to City Hall Station to check out the National Gallery for Southeast Asian Art.

More write up on the art installations at CapitaGreen:
CapitaGreen Art Installations

High Art on High Street Part 1:

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