Artemis grill – organic culinary in the middle of town


Food is never just food. What we eat affects how the world looks. That affects the way we understand it. When we look at a plate of food, we should see the greater ecosystem too. Food can be about responsibility, sustainability, geography and culture. -Olafur Eliasson writing about Noma

Should we say that Executive Chef Fernando Arevalo suscribes to the same philosophy. Fancy having a nice lunch amidst greenery but not leave the convenience of the city. The set lunch at Artemis Grill is certainly a place for celebration with healthy organic eating, all produce sourced locally and not from feed lots.

There were 4 of us so we each had a 2 course lunch, each pair ordering a starter and a main or a main and dessert. We tried:

Duck confit with fig and mint/dare dressing. The duck was crispy and the mint sauce added a different dimension. (Personally I don’t like the sous vide duck confit so this version fits my preference. )


I like the grilled octopus with yogurt dressing and long beans.


For the mains we had grass -fed beef. Portions are quite sufficient and delicious.


Or seabass. I much prefer the beef. You’ve a choice of 3 types including organic chicken. For the beef and seabass there’s an additional  $12.


Such pretty dessert. Rum and raisin ice cream or panna cotta with sorbet.  What a beautiful explosion of colors.


But do arrive early to take a good look around the greenery. The sunlight makes me feel relaxed and happy.


I  can spot the super trees!


Lovely roof-top garden. Very cool although the landscaping is non-exciting by Singapore standards. It’s lush. We don’t spot anyone relaxing with a coffee? I know it’s office hours but can’t I take a 5 min breather in between staring at the computer screen?


Take a stay-cation this June. Save on hotel and airfare instead. There’re so many refreshing new outlets in Singapore.


Artemis Grill
138 Market Street,
CapitaGreen rooftop (40th floor)

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