Cut the crab

I like to eat crab, especially the steamed kind. Crab in bee hoon, Singapore chilli crab and pepper crab. Lobster in a bun at Burger and Lobster in London.


Sometime back, instigated by my SIL, we went to the wholesale fish market at 3am and I never forgot the taste of fresh prawns and lobster from the port. Steamed. No frills. Price wise, it’s not cheaper than getting them from the supermarket. Afterall these guys are not about to kill their middleman, who are their regular customers.


So it’s Crab in da Bag. For 6 persons we shared 2 Boston Lobsters and Sri Lankan crabs with prawns etc. 3 dips – all fantastic.


I was even licking the garlic butter out of the plastic saucer while a friend sitting opposite me ignored my indiscretion. This is not the place to bring anyone except your family and very good friends. Anyway, you’ll have no time for small talk.

One gigantic pot is S $399. It comes with corn/ potato and onions. We had some squid side dish. Eating in Singapore is not cheap.

This is my second visit to Crab in da Bag but first time to the Kallang area. It’s quite difficult to find. Ask for the OCBC Swimming Pool, I was told. Because when I asked the security guards about the Water Sports Centre, no one seemed to know.


Recipe for aromatic Louisiana boil:

In the meantime I’ve been to Dancing Crab at Vivocity. Dancing Crab has better service and the restaurant is convenient and has a fantastic service. I was there for lunch and the waiters and waitresses could be mistaken for university students doing part-time work. Polite and speak well.

At Crab in da Bag, not that service was bad but I suppose it’s minimal. They pour the food on your table and that’s the last time they see you. Unless they want to take your photo for their Facebook. Can we have the photo? No. Please go to our Facebook. Will I return? Yes. Because the seafood is really fresh – and this Kallang Water Sports Hub branch is the one I’ll prefer because the layout is better.


If your friends are late, you can walk around the Sports Museum. Entrance is free for Singaporeans and PR. My young niece is a netball and bowling fan. Considering how well the Singapore team did in the recent Southeast Asian games, I wanted to bring her to the museum to motivate her. Any exhibits from the Netball team? Only a pair of swings.???????? What’s the link? Anyway don’t swing too hard, warned the security personnel standing around. OK. Not about to try. I suppose these are just displays trying to pass off as interactive.

Perhaps a better alternative is to shop in Kallang Wave next door.

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