Honoring women who built Singapore

Honoring the women who built Singapore off their backs. In the week of International Women’s Day.


(Tote bag I bought from Chinatown, apparently sewn by some of these women.)

Samsui Women

But the Samsui Women from China came, 
Braved the surging storms and nature untame. 
How those alpha women matched the men 
In hard and heavy work and tough trade then. 

In factories, farms and fields, the fair force mustered;
Their ruggedness, resolve and resilience truly tested. 
Whose honest and humble heart sought only to strive, 
Who lived to toil or help others simply to stay alive. 


No vanity, no comfort, far away from their land of birth, 
And for ages, obscured and forgotten for all their worth. 
Upon history and heritage, they now stand tall, 
As Samsui Women – honoured, lifted and lauded by all.

by Andrew Yip



Check out the food scene at Keong Siak road adjacent to Chinatown:


(My favourite is Kok Seng’s hot fun noodles.)


This is otherwise known  as Singapore’s red light district but as rentals increase with the yuppy cafes moving in, the workers have moved out. 


Occupy car park day last Saturday at Keong Saik. 


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