Day 7 Fukuoka

Fukuoka is a neat stop if you’re not coming from Tokyo. The highlight of Fukuoka was the little eatery we ran into at 9pm near canal city where we had good Saga beef.

In front of Hakata station were lighted trees and a Christmas tent with stollen


We went in December. So notice the Christmas lighting.


My favourite after dark activity is eating chocolates with green tea in the hotel room. Open up all the food purchases from Hankkyu food basement. My light supper.

Yummy Japanese food from basement of the department stores like Takashimaya, Isetan, take your pick.


We were on our way to the red light district in Nakasu. As it was raining, we couldn’t find our way. Himself said he saw men running towards a dark alley.

December is not the best month to see action on the red light dustrict.

Exiting Nakasu station you’ll be disappointed because it’s next to a river and quite your usual touristy thing.

The red light district is across the river from Canal City which is a huge shopping mall. Near the South Building of CC and Grand Hyatt. Although I didn’t see any ladies standing around since its cold. Walking past, you see photos on the shops. Just in case any of you have young children and you’re concerned. It’s nearer to Tenjin side.

North building of CC is across the road from Nakasu station and near shopping and museum and a nice river. There’s Takashimaya and the basement of Riverrain mall has a shop selling nice Le Creuset.

But he chose to walk away towards the Takashimaya Riverain Mall. There’s a Fukuoka Museum of Asian Art. Cross the street, there’s a sheltered street of malls which were closed by 8pm

At the end of the street we spotted an escalator going upwards to Canal City. Near Canal City is an interesting food street as well as the red light district.


I didn’t try these roadside eateries. Not willing to be charged exorbitant prices and have the yakuza after me. After all this is around the red light district.

The highlight of Fukuoka was the little Inn we ran into at 9pm near canal city where we had good Saga beef.


Menu on the wall. But we can’t read Japanese. No worries, there’s Google translate.


Grilled saga beef.

It was an accidental discovery of a small eatery, Hibiya(火備屋) of which we had yakiniku and saga beef. For 5 plates of beef, tongue and chicken and 2 glasses of sake, cost 4600¥ and the place to ourselves. Mr Masato Mimura and his wife. We will return another night to try the yakitori or skewered meat with live squid swimming in the tank along the street. (Upon checking the Internet, there have been several Japanese reviews but no English review. I’ll give it 3 stars. More of a casual place seating about 6 pax maximum. ) It could only sit a few people around the counter at most.


Address: 2-11 Kamikawabatamachi Hakata-ku Fukuoka Fukuoka

The ramen stadium is on 5F of Canal City. It’s a consolidation of many ramen stores.


Canal City looks dated and huge. At 830pm the shops are nearly empty. We tried to have a drink at the Muji cafe buy they’ve stopped serving.

The Muji store is huge with furniture and books. Very lifestyle concept. But closes early.


In Fukuoka, I will stay near Hakata station and JR Kyushu Blossom Hakata Central. It’s so convenient to take subway and lots of shopping near Hakata. Book early as the rooms go off fast. Mine didn’t come with breakfast. When I checked TripAdvisor, some apparently do.

Rooms are new and tasteful. There’re English and Mandarin speaking staff. Its on left side of Hakata station. There’s no shelter on front porch but it’s not an issue for me. Hotel is next to Sun Plaza which has an underground passage to Hakata station.

For the right price I will compare Forza and JR Kyushu Blossom favourably. (I’ve stayed in both). Both are equally near but different sides of the station.

Getting around
Get a day pass for 620¥. You make it back in 3 trips. Gets you from Fukuoka Airport to Hakata station to the major stops like Tenjin, Nakasu (red light district) , Ohori Park (rated #1 on TripAdvisor) and our mistake of going to the wholesale fish market at Akasaka.


Ohori Park was unimpressive. We will return at night to see the winter illumination. Nothing to see at the fish market, not even restaurants for fresh seafood. But no problem, just hop on the subway train.

At Tenjin there’s a Mitsukoshi department store where we bought huge persimmons and gingko nuts. Didn’t seem to see the gingko nuts elsewhere in Fukuoka.

Signature foodstuff
Horse meat
Saga beef
Aso milk and pudding
Puffer fish and fish roe –
mochi stuffed with red beans. It’s a hit and miss.
We found a temporary outlet by Ishimura at the side of AMU EST department store just as we were going to Yodobashi. Best mochi.

Bought persimmons for dad. Huge and not so perfect at 150¥ each. Strawberries are currently in season and apparently the best in the land.

Matcha powder for his sister, from a shop along Tenjin underground.

Best time to visit Fukuoka is probably late April to May when the wisteria is in bloom in Kita-Fukuoka. Or Cherry Blossom season

Signature plants in early winter
Gold Gingko

Red Tsubaki

Orange Maple leaves


Mizutaki – Hakata collagen based soup
(I didn’t like it.)

Hakata Santoku hocho
(I’ve not managed to find the place)


Ichiran or Ippudo ramen huge persimmon, and the roe. Japanese gingko.

Day 6:

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