Happy Year of Golden Monkey to you

My favourite time of the year is here, eve of Chinese New Year.


Gardens by the Bay

Catch the flower display at Gardens by the Bay.


Lego display of the Rafflesia

We have our reunion CNY dinner and our louhei, a Singaporean toss your vegetable dish traditionally served with raw fish because fish鱼 sounds like the word for abundance 年年有余.

Shredded carrots, vegetables with crackers – and pepper with honey. May your streets be filled with ingots and your lives with sweets.
Toss with your chopsticks as high as you can.

Married women give out red packets 红包 with money to younger folks and parents. As long as you’re not married, you’ve a right to receive money.


How appropriate, artist Chen Wen Hsi’s gibbons for this year! 马上奉侯 the word for monkey sounds like the title of nobility. Wishing you steps of progress and promotion. 步步高升

Tomorrow on the first day I’ll be going to my mother in law’s place early in the morning to wish her new year greetings with two mandarin oranges. In Chinese orange is the same sounding word as good fortune 吉利. Note that you cannot use sublist oranges but the wrinkled ones from Swatow, China – the village our ancestors came from.


We are going to eat out pineapple tarts – because pineapple in Hokkien means good fortune coming your way.


Not to forget the sweet glutinous rice flour cake – eaten in slices and deep fried with batter. Tradition goes thar every housewife needs to offer such cakes to the kitchen god so that when he makes a report to the heavenly emperor, he’ll have good things to say. If not, hopefully his mouth will be glued tight by the sticky rice flour cake.



Dahlia dreams at Gardens by the Bay



Lion dance performance

A very well done site on the different types of Chinese New year goodies:

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