Suikinkutsu – sound of bells over running water


Photo: L taken of me at Ryokan Shinsei, Takachiho Gorge, Japan  

I have seen this Japanese garden feature of rocks and pebbles with running water. Finally got a chance to try it. There’s a light bell sound as running water trickles down a metal basin buried beneath the pebbles. My Chinese name means bell that rings at dawn.

Upon checking on Wikipedia, I understood the above garden feature as follows:

Japanese garden ornament and music device. It consists of an upside down buried pot with a hole at the top. Water drips through the hole at the top onto a small pool of water inside of the pot, creating a pleasant splashing sound that rings inside of the pot similar to a bell or a Japanese zither called koto. It is usually built next to a traditional Japanese stone basin calledchōzubachi, part of a tsukubai for washing hands before the Japanese tea ceremony. This was popular during the Edo and Meiji periods.  (Wikipedia).

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