What’s the best time of the year to eat ramen? For me, it’s anytime. I love to drink soup especially rich broth.

I was at Tras Link with an intention to eat beef burger at 2 blur guys but got sidetracked to eat ramen at Sanji

Sanji (3 warriors) Kagoshima ramen
1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel


Look at the rich milky tonkotsu broth with the amber rich yolk of the egg beckoning. The rich smoky chashu meat which melts in your mouth, sprinkled with black and white sesame like ebony and ivory, flanked by crisp umami flavour of the seaweed.

Within Kyushu, Kagoshima ramen from the far southern Japanese prefecture is considered a distant cousin to the more well-known ramen of Hakata.

Kagoshima ramen remains a tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, i.e. the broth is cooked with bones over 12hrs and often made with Kagoshima kurobuta (black pork or Berkeshire pork, as it’s known in the West). Unlike Hakata ramen, the tonkotsu soup is lighter and prepared with chicken broth and vegetables. As a result, it is not very greasy, nor is it nearly as opaque as ramen from neighboring prefectures.

I prefer very thin egg noodles influenced by Chinese style. Garnishing include kurobuta chashu, as Kagoshima is a sub-tropical prefecture known throughout Japan for its kurobuta.

Kagoshima ramen is often accompanied by all-you-can-eat daikon tsukemono (pickled white radish), and a little teapot full of tea. Kagoshima ramen is typically a little more expensive than other styles of ramen. For two bowls I paid Singapore $38.50.

I realised that my favourite ramen is the tonkotsu style (12hrs pork broth) mixed with chicken broth. Hakata style which is purely pork broth is too greasy for me.

Even though Marutama ramen at Liang Court is very popular among Japanese, I now know why I didn’t like it as much. The broth is Hakata style. But I like the roast pork chashu very much and the rich sprinkling of sesame seeds and spring onions. Unfortunately the garlic was burnt and had a bitter taste. Note the rich golden broth.


In comparison, I was very disappointed with the Ramen Stall at Bugis. But certainly price point wise it’s cheaper but has more lava eggs. So something has to give, the broth is thin and probably cooked for fewer hours. Comparing the photos will give you a view of why ramen pricing is so different.


I’m surely visiting Sanji again.

How to make ramen#

22 styles of ramen


Ranking of top ramen stalls surely depends on the taster’s preference for broth which maybe different from yours.

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