House plants

Plants add style and glamour to your home.

As seen outside a restaurant, just ordinary thriving lush ones can look so inviting on the 5 foot way. A tiny strip of a walkway of plants makes a difference transforming the space and gives your spirit a lift.


Mint grown out of a pocket. Trailing plants and vines look elegant and soften the atmosphere, giving the place character. Doesn’t it look inviting like you’re stepping into someone’s home.



Ferns and palms like high humidity and cannot tolerate direct light preferring bright but indirect light. Many of these plants prefer pots.

Of all else fails, try succulents and cacti. They don’t need much care and prefer to let the soil dry out between watering.



Or a mothers in law tongue (sansevieria trifasciata), which enjoys bright light but tolerate less and regular underwatering is not a problem. I have seen this plant in Japanese hotels as they believe it gives out phyto chemicals promoting long life. Singapore exports a lot of this plant to Japan, perhaps also because it’s architectural vertical form makes it fit into a Zen like minimalist set up. For the Chinese fengshui enthusiasts , the sharp edge pointing upwards looks like knives – which is a no-no. I’ve seen some households tie red string and put empty eggshells onto the pointy ends to soften the look.

Or just get some annuals every year and replace them when they wilt.


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