Walk along railway corridor

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. -Henry David Thoreau

Charles Dickens reportedly walked 4hrs everyday. Yesterday I did half of that and lived to tell the tale.


We decided to walk the railway corridor from Bukit Purmei area to Bukit Timah. Although I dropped off half way.


What to bring
1. Wear hardy shoes. I’m glad I have my Merrell.
2. The entire length is 24km. Bring a snack and drink to last the journey
3. Hat to shield the sun. Umbrella if it rains. Money if you want to stop somewhere for a drink and rest.

Come on a day that’s non raining as paths can be muddy. Most parts are shaded and there are cyclists and runners.

Although it’s quite quiet and serene. Beware I don’t see street lights so be careful if you’re here late. Charge your phone. Certain places I can receive Internet. It’s assuring and fun to find out you’re seemingly in the woods but so close to town.

How to enter

You can start or break journey at various points. Managed to convince him to stop for 水晶包 at Bukit Merah Lane 1.



You can enter through Portsdown road

Hawker centre hopping from Bukit Merah interchange to Bukit Merah Lane 1 then Tanglin Halt and lastly at Ghim Moh temporary market where I hopped off.

You don’t need pretty bikes or shoes. But he looks like a regular from time capsule when this road was well used by miners and business people from both sides of the causeway between Malaysia and Singapore.

During the walk, I didn’t see many people. At most 10 persons. Many cyclists.

I’d like to visit once a week for the walk. Since the official handling back of the corridor not many people use this area.

Surprisingly I didn’t see any conservationist. We met one photographer taking photos of insects. Even for him, it was his first time coming to the corridor. Mainly cyclists with their expensive bikes zooming through.


I hope when this area is redeveloped, there’ll be something for everyone and not just an expensive hangout place with bars and cafés.


Initially the 2hr walk was very daunting. But when I gave myself the permission to walk at my own pace and even drop off earlier at one point. The whole experience was very enjoyable. Life to me is a process not a destination.



Arts space?


Party under the Buona Vista bridge?


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