Ice plant


Ice Plant — Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.1

Recently, this ice plant 冰草 has been introduced in the menu of a few high end restaurants I’ve patronised. But always in stingy portions. Like one stalk.

I was surprised when my brother who’s working in Vietnam sent me this photo of a bowl full of the vegetable.

More surprisingly when I googled to find that this ice plant grows well in hot and dry conditions.

Well back to the ice plant. According go Chinese websites , you can buy them from supermarkets. Not high end restaurants. Eat it raw or blanch it. Add vinegar but not salt as it’s already saltish.

A fact I read recently from “The big bad book about plants” surprised me about jack fruit. I’ve been taught by mom that it’s heaty. Meaning that if you eat too much of it in summer you’ll fall sick and get a sore throat.

Not from this book which says that jack fruit contains a lot of nutrients and gives you long life.

That betel nut cures you of tapeworms but then it also causes gastric ulcer. So weigh out which is worse.

I can’t wait to go to Vietnam and try out the different herbs and fruits which cost a bomb in this tiny island.

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