Dazzling Dessert


Sorry that it gets a bit gruesome looking. But the delightful staff will help you. Each piece cost $18.90 before tax and service charge. One of the staff told me I must try the spaghetti and Nutella toast next time I come. Service is Taiwanese standard although they look local (Singaporean/M’sian). Smiley, genuinely pleasant. Not tip top excellence but sincere.

Remove the toppings layer by layer including the ice cream, revealing the stacked lego pieces of butter toast.

You can have crispy, normal or soft. Take a small piece, spread on some custard and ice cream. Fight over the macaron. If you need more honey, there’s a tiny jug beside.


The pieces of butter toast bread reminds me of the toast bread with sugar topping we eat as kids.


Doesn’t this remind you of the Tainan coffin bread, savoury style?
Check out this website for a recipe of savoury coffin bread filling. http://sunflower-recipes.blogspot.sg/2009/07/tainan-coffin-board-bread.html?m=1


Good friends are like stars. You can’t see them but they’re always there.


Where: Ground level of Capitol Piazza
Enter by the entrance facing City Hall.

2 thoughts on “Dazzling Dessert

  1. Hi Soon Looks delicious Uncle Bernard and I will go there for dessert recommended by you. Thank you 4 Aunty

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Aunty. I’ll send you a YouTube. Apparently in Taiwan you must make one week reservation. But in Singapore, it’s that popular. Share with uncle Bernard as it may be too sweet. Try the Nutella

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