Al Borgo – homespun Italian meal

We had a delicious private low key dinner at Al Borgo, tucked away in Bukit Timah. For a party of eight I was concerned we would overwhelm the tiny restaurant. But there were three other families.


The seafood bouillabaisse is excellent. But you’re served with flat plates which makes it difficult to drink the soupy essence of golden prawns.


Be warned that the mushroom dumpling is al dente which can be a bit tougher than we are used to.


Florentine steak was good

Very good steak although I thought Etna makes a better Florentine steak and less fatty.


Limoncello cake - didn't find this special

For dessert I found the Tiramisu very good. The mascaporne cheese was creamy and full flavoured than most restaurants I’ve tried.

Getting there
Al Borgo, Alocassia Apartments, 383 Bukit Timah Road.

It is just across the road from SCGS; the building has a Macdonald’s and Cold Storage outlets.  Parking is in basement accessible from Robin Road.

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