Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taitung

Hot Air Balloon Festival







We were leaving Taitung on the day of the opening of the Hot Air Balloon. Should we go? We needed to wake up at 4am and get there by taxi. We were going with a taxi pool of 3 HK ladies. Paid our share of NT $150 per pax for one way. We paid $300 for our return trip down LuYe 鹿野 back to Train station. The trip was arranged by Echo and the negotiations by her. Thank you.

The balloon needs to fly in cooler temperatures. We have sat in a Hot Air balloon in Turkey Cappadocia which was an excellent experience because the altitude was useful to have a different perspective of the caves. I'm not sure we will get the same feel here in Taitung/ LuYe.

LuYe is primarily a farming area. There's an excellent minsu there called 平凡平房 which I'll hope to stay there one day. You can bake your own bread/pizza. It has an Italian style oven.

Taitung government set up the hot air balloon show a few years ago to drive tourism. Go to experience the wide expanse of land, blue sky and moutain range which one doesn't get in city living.

I'll visit Taitung again but in a cooler month. The pace of life is slower and I like the space and blue blue sky. But be warned that food is not cheap and you do not get the diversity and quality of the bigger cities like Taichung and Taipei. One Taiwanese family commented to us: you mean there're enough things to see in Taitung to warrant staying 2 nights?

Amei, one of the most popular Taiwanese pop singers with powerful voice and sassy dancing image is from aboriginal parentage from Taitung. So you may be catching one of the next big  upcoming singers up close and personal.

In November, you'll also be able to catch Amei doing a concert here. The world class dance company 云门舞集 Cloud Gate Dance Company will be performing in the midst of the farm fields. I want to catch that.

I like Taitung very much. It's slower pace living and yet comfortable with a modern feel while retaining the old flavour. You've farm fields of pineapples and rice fields will mountains, valleys and coast (in summer the blue is close to Mediterranean standards from far). It's my favourite city although it's very hot.

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