Japanese Italian Takada


Mushroom soup




White asparagus



Melt in your mouth beef cheek



Top Must Try Dishes:

Burrata Cheese & Parma Ham with fresh French Tomato
Squid ink Tagliolini Peperoncino with Hokkaido Sea Urchin
Wagyu Beef Cheek
Appetiser Platter: Bruschetta

Recently I joined Himself for lunch with AG. Haven’t seen him for close to 10 years. Himself raved about this Italian restaurant served Japanese style by Chef Takada in Alexis at Alexandra road.

We had the degustation prixe fixed. There are only 3 tables at lunch. Other two tables being Japanese ladies who were talking quite loudly. But I’m used to it, having experienced this at Hediard for tea. Somehow in Tokyo I didn’t get this feeling even in a crowded restaurant. Otherwise when you’re engrossed in your own conversations you can’t eavesdrop.

From AG, I got more recommendation on where to eat in London. Heston Blumenthal, Best Fish and chips in Holborn and of course Lobster and Burger. AG runs 10km on the treadmill everyday. He still runs twice a day. So he can surely eat a lot.

It’s interesting that he has a sous vide and uses an aburi torch to flambĂ© his meat.

Thanks to Himself for dragging me to this lunch. Iron sharpens iron.

Japanese style Italian meals have a umami taste to them. There’s use of miso, uni urchin and sauces are not as heavy, portions are smaller.

I shall try to recreate the Japanese supermarkets for Japanese influenced sauces with seaweed garnish and angel hair pasta. In London recently most of the restaurants were indeed using miso to marinate their cod.

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