Durian Fudge Cake for a sweet B’day girl

Making the sponge cake easy way

Making the sponge cake easy way

As promised, I made a birthday cake for my niece. So off to Phoon Huat I go,

Vanilla Sponge:
5  eggs
50g water
250gm Redman Super Sponge Cake Mix
50gm unsalted butter (melted)

Whip ingredients (except butter) for vanilla sponge mix to double volume with electric whisk.
Add in melted butter and mix well.
Pour into 7 inch cake ring and bake at 160 degrees celsius for 35-40 mins.

Over-turn and cool

Over-turn and cool

Cool cake upside down on a tray, otherwise it will collapse. It must be very cool when you slice it into half. ALternatively, bake the above in two tins, simply by dividing the portions. But note baking time will probably be halved.

Making the durian fudge

Making the durian fudge

Fudge Filling:
100gm Water
250gm Coconut milk
70gm coco sugar (apparently made from nectar of coconut flower)- can substitute for brown sugar or gula melaka
1/2 tsp agar agar
1/2 tsp instant jelly
24gm cornflour
2 nos egg
1 nos egg yolk
80gm evaporated milk or fresh milk
170gm Redman Durian meat
60gm unsalted butter (cold)

1. Put cornflour, egg, egg yolk and evaporated milk into a bowl, stir until dissolved and set aside.
2. In a seperate heat-proof bowl, Boil water, coconut milk, sugar, agar-agar and instant jelly together in a bowl, stirring constantly and making sure it doesnt burn.
3. Once bowl of Step 2 is boiling, add in bowl of Step 1 (with egg) to Step 2 bowl. Be sure to add and stir at the same time or the mixture will burn.
4. Once mixture thickens, turn off heat.
5. Add in durian meat and mix well. There’s simply no substitute for durian, although I think banana can be replaced if you don’t like the smell of the spiky fruit. Phoon Huat sells frozen durian meat.
6. Add in cold butter and stir until well mixed. It is important that butter is cold as otherwise a layer of oil will float to the top.

Pouring into the cake tin

Pouring into the cake tin

1. Put 1 layer sponge into cake ring. Be sure to use tin with removable bottom securely fastened. Pour half the filling.
2. Put 2nd layer sponge and pour out remaining filling. Scrape with spatula.
3. Level top layer. Cool, then keep in fridge (at least two hours) to set. Do not keep in freezer to set as otherwise cake will crack in the middle.

One happy B'day Girl

One happy B’day Girl

She’s a happy girl. You can decorate with piping. But I kept it simple with butterfly candles and sprinkles. R has 4 birthday cakes this year and declares this, her best birthday ever.

Can’t wait to join Patrick at Phoon Huat Sims Lane for the Chocolate gateau class for my dad’s birthday. My mom loves the cake as she was dreaming of a fresh cake with no preservatives. L ate two slices – usually no cake for him.

Do I need any other excuse to make another cake? With the durian fudge filling, Patrick suggests that we can use it to make a trifle. If making your own sponge (with the sponge premix is too much of a hassle), get the sponge fingers. Dip it with gula melaka syrup and layer with the durian fudge and top with whipping cream.

If not because L and I are too heaty, I’d have bought the durian meat to make panna cotta. As is, we’re staying away from this summer fruit for the time being.


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