Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardens


Fish roe, crème fraiche on fish crackers- keropok

In recent years, there has been an explosion of avant garde restaurants helmed by exciting and innovative young local chefs. Ingredients though are probably flown in, which accounts for the higher price such as the French sweet onion used for the soup. Skip a few meals, and come to celebrate an occasion.  Its art, to be eaten.

Do you consider food as high art?

“Cookery is become an art, a noble science; cooks are gentlemen.”
Robert Burton (1577-1640) English cleric and writer
‘Anatomy of a Melancholy’

One of my colleagues teaching entrepreneurism, a core course, told me that 80% of his students submit the business plan for opening of a restaurant or cup-cake business for homework.  Not surprisingly 40% of the cafés in Singapore close down within 3 years, according to the statistics given by the main English newspaper. So, we need to support the local entrepreneurs, treading down the less travelled road.

One of the young faces to explode on the scene, Jason is not unfamiliar to foodies as he used to work with Justin Quek at Sky on 57.  Recently, when the British Foreign Secretary was in town, he was hosted to this restaurant, Corner House, nestled in the garden serenity of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Excellent choice, since the gardens were a heritage left over from British colonial days. Corner House is a black-white bungalow, former residence of Mr Corner who used to be an Asst Director with the gardens during colonial days. Now its a conserved building.

Service is excellent in this restaurant. The bread is oven fresh and delicious, my favourite being the walnut, while himself feels that the baguette is certainly of French standard.


Gruyere cheese

Do they hand-wash these plates?
It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. Julia Child
[Try not to think about this.]


Cheese platter

Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate – Emily Dickinson


Work of art. Salad and all that healthy vegetables

Thoughtful detailing in choosing the plates to complement the dishes.

Compared with Labyrinth, the dishes here are more substantive. In Labyrinth, each dish is more painstakingly put together, ingenious and creative.

Corner House has the unfair advantage of the serene ambience of the Singapore Botanic Gardens as  a backdrop, preparing one’s senses to embark on a different gastronomic experience.

Cod with shiso flower

Cod with shiso flower

Its so good. Crispy skin with flaky creamy white flesh. Lightness and freshness of the shiso flower.


Cheese platter and dessert.

 If I have a guest to impress, (which I don’t) or a reason to celebrate?

Certainly Corner House.

My favourite. Sweet onion soup served with sous vide farm egg

My favourite. Sweet onion soup served with sous vide farm egg

woodland scene

woodland scene

Crustacean risotto

Crustacean risotto

Kaya toast

Kaya toast

Park at the Nassim Gate car-park, or if you’re taking a taxi, ask to be dropped at this entrance. If you’re at the Tanglin Gate entrance, simply ask the restaurant to send a buggy to pick you up. Otherwise, enjoy a stroll through the gardens and work up an appetite.

Closed on Mondays. But open for both lunch and dinner. Call the restaurant and leave a message. More convenient than going through Chope reservations. The staff will return your call.
T: +65 6469 1000

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